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  • contura-685


    A slightly larger pillar model that can be combined with a baking oven instead of a warming shelf. Choose from a cast iron, soapstone or steel plate top.

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  • contura-750


    Give the fire space even if the area is small! The large glass panels let the fire light up the whole room.

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  • contura-750a


    With aluminium clad sides and rear panel the stove is a really attractive centre piece.

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  • contura-780


    Raise the fire on a pillar! This model can also be installed on a turntable and placed in the centre of a room.

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  • contura-810


    The Contura 810 is a compact and attractive stove making it very easy to position, even in small spaces.

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  • contura-850


    The Contura 850 features the same pleasing, timeless shape and compact size as the 810, with the addition of generous areas of side glass.

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  • Contura 880


    The Contura 880 features the same large firebox and glass as the 850, with the addition of a pedestal stand.

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