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  • Contura i4 Classic

    i4 Classic

    Fireplace insert that transcends the boundary between tradition and modern design.

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  • Contura i4

    i4 Modern 4 sides

    The fireplace insert in our new chimneybreast has become a brilliant and vivid painting.

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  • Contura i4

    i4 Modern 3 sides

    The large glass door of the insert lets the beautiful fire really come into its own.

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  • Contura i5 Double Door

    i5 Double Door

    Suitable for most open fireplaces, but particularly corner stoves where support bars and large doors can prove difficult.

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  • Contura i5 Panorama

    i5 Panorama Door

    Fireplace insert for installation in fireplace openings. Fits most open stoves.

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  • Contura i6


    The generous glass area shows a lot of the flame and our unique Clean Burning System keeps the glass clean and soot free.

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  • Contura i41a Panorama


    The Contura i41A fireplace has an angled door and is clad in artstone. Artstone is a stained white cast stone, unique to Contura.

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  • Contura i51a Panorama


    Artstone is a stained white cast stone, unique to Contura. The insert is easy to position in the home: It takes up very little space and can be placed against a combustible wall.

    More Info.
  • Contura 51L Panorama


    The Contura 51L low-leg model is ideal for recessing into a fireplace opening. A modern cast-iron stove with clean lines, removable handle

    More Info.
  • Contura 52


    Models with covered sides. Contura 52 has hot air vents on both sides. The whole of the top functions as a hot plate. Supplied with a stylish chromed handle.

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