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Franco Belge Stoves

  • Belfort

    The smallest stove in the Franco Belge range the Belfort is one of our most popular appliances. Its compact size and low heat output of 4.5 Kw's makes this appliance perfect for smaller rooms or a secondary heat source on those chilly winter days.

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  • Montfort Classic

    One of Franco Belge’s best selling stoves the Montfort Classic is the bigger sister to the Belfort. It’s heat output of 5 Kw's is the perfect size for medium sized rooms and can easily combat the cold weather.

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  • Montfort Elegance

    A second version of the Montfort stove, the Montfort Elegance also has a 5Kw output and a powerful airwash to ensure the glass stays clean.  The Montfort Elegance is a more contemporary design to the Classic model with a larger glass panel for a better view of the fire. 

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  • Monaco

    The Monaco has a large expanse of glass which shows off the fire to full effect and the powerful airwash system ensures that the glass is kept as clear as possible. With a heat output of 6 Kw's this stove will keep a house warm and cozy all winter.

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  • Savoy Classic

    The Savoy Classic has an output of 8 kw's which makes it ideal for providing a substantial amount of heat in a variety of rooms. However due to its compact dimensions this appliance is suitable for a wide range of installations.

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  • Savoy Elegance

    The Savoy Elegance has a very powerful airwash which ensures the glass stays virtually free from soot and tar deposits. The vermiculite lining within the stove increases efficiency from the fuel and gives a cleaner combustion.

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  • Limousine

    The Limousin is one of the larger stoves in the Franco Belge range. The expansive glass door is kept as clear as possible with the strong airwash system.

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  • Camargue

    The Camargue has a different look to many of the Franco Belge stoves; with its distinctive brass coiled handle on the front and side loading doors. The side loading door comes as standard and is perfect for use with longer logs.

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  • Ardennes

    The Ardennes is the most versatile stove in the Franco Belge range. The range of door options; double lattice doors, double plain doors and the sizeable plain single door give a wide range of looks from period french style to simple clean lines.

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  • Monte Carlo

    The Monte Carlo is a real power-house stove with an impressive 11.5Kw of heat output.  This stove has a massive glass door with powerful airwash to keep it clean and will give a stunning view of the fire.

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