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Rais Stoves

  • Rais 2:1


    Highly efficient combustion and double Sided glass doors achieving small distances to the combustible material and clean windows at low output.

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  • Rais 600


    Today a technically updated and modern oven, where the frame can be customised to fit almost all open fireplaces or special requests for new constructions. A fine, stylish look.

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  • Rais-700


    The clean lines are complemented by the special handles you would hardly notice. Space for large logs and provides an impressive view of the flames.

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  • rais-800


    Narrow frame, which is flush with the wall. Can be installed without any frame. A convenient, large firewood box in which the wood can stand or lie.

    More Info.
  • Rais Q-Bic Insert

    Q-Bic Insert

    Corner model that can fit many places, even in smaller rooms. Two large glass surfaces, which give a nice view of the flames from both sides.

    More Info.
  • Rais Q-Bic


    Freestanding cubist fireplace - nice to put in the corner. Remarkable large glass surfaces - view from two sides.

    More Info.
  • Rais Q-Tee


    Here is RAIS' new suggestion for a small, functional and simple stove with a cubist look. Q-Tee typically matches a minor heating need and small rooms.

    More Info.
  • Rais Palo


    A practical stove, created with pure lines and a sleek and high design. Especially good for placing in a corner.

    More Info.
  • Rais Pilar


    Class Design. Clean lines, sleek and simple, circular fireplace, with a giant, curved glass door. Manifests itself beautifully in the room.

    More Info.
  • Rais Viva


    Simple and timeless oven for wall mounting. Can be placed in most rooms. Rustic design, stylish solution. Saves floor space and makes cleaning easier.

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