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Euroheat Rika Stoves

  • Fox


    The Fox has a modern design and provides cozy heat in one stove. Surrounded by a superb stone casing, the high-quality RIKA Fox stove supplies soothing warmth and cuts a fine figure in the process.

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  • Tema


    Tema is the perfect model for beginners and the first step towards even more living comfort. Tema provides youthful elegance at an affordable price thus ensuring an optimum price-performance ratio.

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  • Jazz


    The Jazz stove is a wonder that is geared to your wishes. Whether you wish to position the Jazz in a corner or would prefer to use it as a room divider at the wall.

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  • Twist


    Everything revolves around cosiness with the Twist. Twist is not only round but can also rotate. While most stoves have corners and edges, the round stove Twist easily fits where a square stove could not.

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  • Vitra


    Vitra is ideal for all chimney stove beginners. Vitra provides warmth and cosiness in any home with its simple steel design and compact outer dimensions.

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  • Eco & Eco Plus

    Eco & Eco Plus

    Deciding in favour of the Eco stove means heating pleasure in a sophisticated design with convenient combustion air regulation.

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  • Scena


    If you are looking for a unique stove, then the Scena is just right for you. An innovation that redefines the term chimney stove: from a provider of heat to a new, unique piece of heating furniture.

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  • Cult & Cult Plus

    Cult & Cult Plus

    The Cult stove is a real multi-talent among stoves. The Cult fits in any living room. Whether in upscale look or unobtrusive, with or without a practical base to store logs, with simple stainless steel, ceramic or stone.

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  • Tara


    Tara is the best choice if you want to enjoy many hours of cozy stove warmth. Tara has a particularly high heat storage characteristic due to the storage mass of 275 kg; a stone reservoir of well being, so to speak.

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