Best Wood Burning Stoves UK 

Are you considering investing in a brand-new wood burning stove for your home? There’s a team that offers an exciting range that includes all kinds of styles at excellent prices. And with our FREE, no-obligation quotes, we’re the best place to get started. If you would like to reach out to our team to learn more about the best wood burning stoves, UK customers should call Focus Stoves on 01420 561 010. 

The Best Wood Burning Stoves in the UK 

For years now, wood burning stoves have been on the rise throughout the country. For those who live off-grid, they are a vital necessity. And even for those who live on-grid, they provide an affordable means of generating heat. Here at Focus Stoves, we’re proud to stock and supply the very best wood burning stoves, UK customers will find anywhere. 

We stock some of the most respected brands around, including: 

  • Clearview 
  • Barbas 
  • ACR 
  • Jetmaster 
  • Cleanburn 
  • And Many More! 

You can read more about these as well as what makes us one of the best wood burning stove suppliers around by reading on below. Or you can give Focus Stoves a call to speak to a member of our knowledgeable team. 

Introducing Just a Few of Our Great Brands 

Below you’ll find some information on some of the brands we stock. This is by no means an exhaustive list, so if the brand you’re after is not listed here, make sure to get in touch. We stock the best Wood Burning Stoves Hampshire homeowners, so rest assured we’ll have what you’re looking for. 


Clearview products are among the finest options around and a great option for those who covet both aesthetics and warmth. A Clearview product sports a large viewing window, providing you and your family with a great view of the fire. These stoves are developed through the time-honoured process of “Design. Develop. Test. Refine. Reassess”. Clearview even grows their own trees for testing purposes. 


Barbas Bellfires have 92 years’ experience to draw on and continue to manufacture the best wood burning stoves in the UK. These stoves combine modern technologies with traditional approaches to create something innovative yet hyper-environmentally friendly at the same time. These stoves are easy-to-use, energy-efficient, and high-performance. 

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When you purchase an ACR product, you know you’re benefitting from more than 25 years of experience. An ACR stove combines the extensive expertise and knowledge of ACR with the most energy-efficient technologies around. The result is a stove that’s cost-effective to run, high-performance, and very aesthetically pleasing. 


As a planet, we’re all now committed to the pursuit of lowering emissions and reducing our impact on the environment. Cleanburn are an excellent choice for those looking to purchase an environmentally-friendly stove. They have been approved under the Clean Air Act as a result of technologies which drastically reduce carbon emissions. A Cleanburn stove is one of the best wood burning stoves, UK customers can purchase. 


A UK-based company, Jetmaster has a proud history and has enjoyed much success over the years. Their approach to creating market-leading eco-friendly stoves that combine efficiency, clean-burning, aesthetics, and performance, have made them a name to be reckoned with. And when you turn to the best wood burning stove suppliers, you’ll be able to choose from the latest Jetmaster options. 

As mentioned above, these are just a few of the brands we stock. We commit ourselves to building firm relationships with all the top brands. These are names we trust to deliver top-quality options that won’t let you down. To see what else we have under the “best wood burning stoves UK” category, make sure to get in touch with Focus Stoves today. 

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What Makes Us One of the Best Wood Burning Stove Suppliers Around? 

Founded in 1965, Focus Stoves have been delivering quality and innovation for the last 55 years. What we don’t know about stoves you could fit on a postage stamp; we dedicate ourselves to being both knowledgeable and professional. When enquiring with us, we’ll always provide you with impartial advice and supply you with one of the best wood burning stoves, UK customers. 

Not only do we supply the best wood burning stoves in the UK, but the most competitive prices too. Purchase your next stove from us and see just how much you could save. You’re always welcome to visit our showroom where you’ll find plenty of options on display. And you’ll get a chance to speak with a member of our sales team. 

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