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Have you been hearing all of these great things about Clearview stoves? UK residents, look no further than Focus Stoves to offer you an excellent selection of products from this amazing manufacturer. You can find out more by reading below or calling our customer services team on 01420 561 010 – we’re always here to help and give you helpful advice regarding the best stove for your property’s specific requirements!

Discover Our Selection of UK Clearview Stoves

Welcome to Focus Stoves, a proud supplier of Clearview stoves UK customers have been enjoying for many years now. We only sell stoves from the finest manufacturers in the industry who have really demonstrated their sustainability and excellence.

This is why we love and regularly recommend Clearview stoves. UK clients, the company was first established in 1987. Since then, they have gone from strength to strength, producing the finest wood burners in the business!

Each and every team member has a great passion for the sought-after UK Clearview stoves and the company continues to innovate through a unique set of processes that they call “design, develop, test, refine and reassess”.

Another thing that makes UK Clearview stoves unique is that the company grows and processes their own trees into fuel. These are then burned in order to ensure that each and every stove maximises the fuel’s benefits prior to being made available to the market!

The Best Range of Clearview Stoves UK Can Find

For more than three decades now, Clearview has created stoves that bring as much joy to customers as they do to the team that made them. As the leader among British stove companies, Focus Stoves is proud to offer many great wood burners from Clearview, including but not limited to:

When you’re planning to have a new stove installed at your premises, it’s very important to make sure that you hire a trained team of experts with a lot of prior experience. The Focus Stoves team is here to ensure that the installation goes as smoothly as possible – our certified experts are going to pay your property the utmost respect and leave no mess behind!

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    Why Choose Focus Stoves Over Other Stove Companies?

    Focus Stoves has been trading since 1965, starting as precision engineers and eventually moving on to supplying wood burners, going from strength to strength in the process, and gradually becoming the number one choice among UK stove companies.

    You may be wondering how to purchase one of the aforementioned Clearview stoves. UK customers, we don’t sell them on the internet because we believe that stoves need to be carefully chosen to make sure that they don’t get you too hot – or not hot enough.

    Because stoves can vary so much in quality and feel, we believe that people need to see them up close – touch them, open the doors, check out the controls, and get a full overview of how the wood burner is going to work.

    So, where can you actually buy one of our Clearview stoves? UK residents are encouraged to pay a visit to our showroom in Four Marks, which is where we have over 60 products on display, 10 of which can be lit at your request!

    Clearview Stoves UK

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    If you have any questions about our available products or installation services, the don’t hesitate to call us on 01420 561 010 or e-mail your enquiry over to!