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Are you searching for a quality stove for your home? Then you’ll want to speak to the team here at Focus Stoves as we offer an incredible selection of traditional, electric, gas, boiler, and contemporary stoves. Our range includes Di Lusso stoves, renowned for their performance and sophisticated design. Enquire further about such options by calling our team on +44 (0)1420 561010. 

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When it comes to stoves, you’ll find them to be an unbeatable alternative to open fireplaces and other forms of heating. Not only does a stove bring light and warmth to your surroundings, but it also adds style and substance to any room. Combine these traits with the affordability of running a stove, and it’s little wonder customers covet options such as Di Lusso stoves. 

Introducing Our Incredible Di Lusso Stoves 

The Di Lusso brand is one regarded for its take on contemporary style and innovation, infusing homes with a unique flair not found elsewhere. Their stoves are among the most effective and efficient around, thanks to the inclusion of Dynamic Control Technology (DCT). No other fires available on the market come with DCT, and its inclusion makes it, so there’s a stove to suit the requirements of any room, regardless of size. 

If you’re looking for stove suppliers that supply Eco Design approved options, you’ve come to the right place. The Di Lusso series are just some of the stoves that come rated for this new environmental initiative. But that’s not all – every Di Lusso option boasts a sleek, stylish design that’ll look magnificent, whether you opt for freestanding or a stove that sits flush to the wall. 

Di Lusso stoves also come with beautifully clear viewing glass to ensure the right ambience is created every single time. 

Here at Focus Stoves, we’re immensely proud of the range of stoves we’ve amassed, with options that include: 

And all options are installed by our professional stove fitters, so you can have complete peace of mind. Whatever stove you’re in the market for, Focus Stoves has you covered. 

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Survey and Installation 

Our stove fitters will proceed with carrying out a site survey at your request. We’ll take down any information we need to ensure successful installation. The survey will allow us to determine the best product for your requirements and to provide you with an estimate of the cost. As part of the survey, they’ll check the chimney and hearth (if present) as well as the room’s ventilation properties. 

As soon as we’ve determined the right location for your new stove as well as the right flue system, we’ll make our final recommendations. Stove installation is carried out by our HETAS approved installers. They’ll be able to reliably check that the installation has been completed to the required standard and that your new stove is performing safely and as expected. 

Our installations and surveys are available for all the ranges we stock, including Di Lusso stoves. If you’d like to make enquiries or have any questions, click on the links above or call Focus Stoves today. 

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Why Should You Choose Us Over Other Stove Fitters? 

Whether you’re in the market for one of the Di Lusso stoves we carry or a stove from a different brand, Focus Stoves has all the best names under one roof. We’re a company founded in 1965, and with 55 years’ experience backing us, you can trust that you’re dealing with knowledgeable professionals. We’ve chosen to be different from other stove suppliers in order to provide a superior level of service. 

For instance, while most stove suppliers sell electric stoves online, we’ve chosen not to. The reason is simple – because results may vary. You could buy a stove that provides too much heat or not enough. And by coming to inspect each stove in person, you can get a feel for small details, like how the controls feel and what your impressions are when opening and closing the doors. 

We’ve also made it our mission to source stoves from only the most excellent brands, such as Di Lusso. This ensures that you’re always buying quality and not some cheap imitation or budget brand. And as we price our stoves and service at reasonable prices, you can be confident you’re getting the best deal around. 

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If you’d like to find out more about our Di Lusso stoves or stoves from any of our other brands, call Focus Stoves now on +44 (0)1420 561010. Alternatively, you can visit our showroom in Four Marks to get up close and personal with our stove selection.