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Are you looking to purchase Isokern pumice chimney liners? Then consider your search concluded as Focus Stoves has you covered. Not only do we stock and install the best stoves around, but we supply a wide range of accessories too. You’ll find an excellent selection at prices which are highly competitive. If you have any questions, just give us a call on +44 (0)1420 561010.

Discover the Best Range of Isokern Pumice Chimney Products

Perhaps you’ve just had a chimney built to house your new stove. Or maybe your home features an open fireplace that you regularly use to burn wood or coals. In either scenario, your chimney needs a liner and Isokern pumice chimney liners are the best around. At Focus Stoves, we’re proud to stock these quality products, so read on to find out more.

Your Go-To for Isokern Chimney Liners

Through repeated warming and cooling, the internal liner of a chimney can crack and become compromised. This is especially true if the chimney is old as the liner is likely comprised of clay. If the liner is absent or compromised, creosote deposits can build up, and could eventually catch fire. While you could have your chimney cleaned, Isokern pumice chimney liners are a far more economical solution.

A chimney liner serves a dual-purpose. First, it helps insulate heat, protecting the stone and masonry that make up the chimney as well as other, potentially flammable elements. Second, it channels gases and heat up and out the chimney, preventing them from accumulating or venting back into your home. Isokern pumice chimney products, in short, maximise the lifespan of your chimney while keeping you and your family safe.

Do I Need a Liner?

As mentioned above, if you regularly burn wood or coal, then it’s always advisable to purchase one of these Isokern pumice chimney liners. That being said; if you’re unsure, give Focus Stoves a call to arrange a time for us to come and assess your setup. If you’re having a stove installed by us, we can provide this advice as part of the service.

We’ll only ever advise that you have one installed if we feel it’s necessary. You can count on our team to provide you with solid advice that’s both honest and unbiased. Rest assured that the Isokern chimney liners we stock, and supply are genuine products. These have been produced by a company that’s renowned throughout the industry and have been rigorously tested to ensure both safety and performance.

And when you decide to make your purchase with Focus Stoves, you can be confident that you’ll be charged a price that’s the most competitive available.

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    Since 1965, the Focus Stoves team have been operating as the go-to precision engineers for customers far and wide. In 1979, we diversified our portfolio of services to cover the supply and installation of stoves too. In all this time, we’ve amassed an impressive knowledge base that has made us the definitive authority on all thing stove related. And so, many customers choose to purchase Isokern pumice chimney products from us.

    If you’re looking to buy a stove, know that we do not sell online as we feel that choosing the right stove is something that must be done in person. Our showroom in Four Marks is a great way to find the stove that’s right for you. And while you’re here, be sure to inquire about our Isokern chimney liners. If you’re having a chimney fitted or have one that’s used regularly, we can’t recommend these liners enough.

    Whenever you deal with Focus Stoves, you’ll always be dealing with our friendly, knowledgeable team. They’ll never pressure you into a sale and you can always count on us to offer sound advice and supply first-class products. Focus Stoves really should be the focus of your search for stoves and accessories.

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