Here at Focus Stoves, we have selected a great range of contemporary wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves to suit the more modern home.

Contemporary stoves are a perfect addition to a family home. While keeping you warm, they are also a great feature and talking point.

Focus Stoves can supply modern/contemporary stoves from
a wide range of manufacturers, including:



Nothing beats the design and manufacturing standards set down by Contura. These stoves are Scandinavian efficiency at its very best, guaranteed to bring warmth to any environment. Contura is one of the leading suppliers of wood-burning stoves throughout Europe, so you know you’re getting a quality product. Add a timeless aesthetic or modern chic to your home with a Contura stove from our selection.

HWAM -Focus-Stoves-Ltd-Contemporary


Regarded as one of Denmark’s largest producers of architect-designed-wood-burning stoves, HWAM A/S has, for more than 40 years, delivered the very best service excellence. Featuring several patented advantages, the range of wood-burning stoves manufactured by HWAM A/S lead the way in innovation. Speaking of innovation, HWAM A/S work with visionary architects and designers, so you’ll find their stoves to be something truly special.



Stûv is one of the leading producers of top-quality wood-burning stoves, pellet burners, wood inserts, and gas inserts. With many years of experience in delivering market-leading solutions, their reputation has quickly grown. You’ll find stoves available in a wide range of formats, including wall and floor-mounted options. Engineered with performance in mind, these stoves look great and perform exceptionally.

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We also supply other contemporary stove styles from the following manufacturers:
Astro Flamm, Bellfires, Bodart Gonay, Chameleon, Chiminees Philipee, Don Bar, Esse, Flamewave fires, Funky Burners, Hase, Heta, Jotul, Morso, Nestor Martin, Piazetta, Rais, Robeys, Rocal, Scan, Supra, Wanders, and Xeoos.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are listed the most commonly asked questions about Wood Burning and Multi-Fuel stoves. If you can’t find the answer below then please get in contact.

Which Logs Should I Use?

At Focus Stoves, we cannot stress enough the importance of using the right logs. Always avoid poorly seasoned logs. The reason being is that these logs cause your chimney to tar up quicker, stain the glass of your stove, and could lead to a chimney fire. We supply kiln dried logs which are correctly seasoned, or you can buy something similar from a nearby supplier.

How Should I Season the Logs?

If you’d like to save a little money by seasoning your own logs, the good news is that you can. To do this, cut the logs to length and split to about 4”/ 100mm across. Next, they should be dried out thoroughly. Finally, ensure correct storage – somewhere that’s exposed to sunlight and wind to prevent logs from becoming damp. Bear in mind that hardwoods, like oak, take longer to season. If you need logs quickly, we suggest softwoods, such as ash or beech, as these season quicker.

What Safety Advice Do We Offer?

Our stoves are all fit-for-purpose and installed by an industry-certified professional. That being said, we always suggest that a suitable guard be fitted to protect children and pets. Likewise, you should take care to store any flammable items away from the stove, and never block an air vent if one is present.

How Regularly Should My Chimney Be Swept?

At Focus Stoves, we supply specially designed liners that will help prevent gases, heat, and tar from accumulating. However, it is strongly advised that you still have your chimney swept once a year by a fully registered professional. Only accept work carried out by someone registered with the NACS, Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, or Association of Professional and Independent Chimney Sweeps. Such individuals can also service stoves too.

Should I Have a Carbon Monoxide Alarm Fitted?

You should never have a stove or open fire fitted without also having a carbon monoxide detector fitted. These are standard safety devices which should never be overlooked. Most detectors have a very long battery life, usually 6-7 years, and should be tested by you monthly.

How Do I Clean the Stove?

Cleaning your stove is a quick and straightforward task. The glass can be cleaned using newspaper, and if this doesn’t work, you can try wet newspaper instead. Another method is to dip newspaper in ash, wet it to create a paste, and use this to polish the glass to a shine. Chemical cleaners can be used if all else fails, and we’re happy to supply these.

If you’re burning wood, use an ash pan to remove any debris while ensuring that you leave at least 1” (25mm) of ash over the grate or base of the stove. This should be done every 1-4 weeks, although if you’re burning solid fuel, it will need to be done daily.