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Our range of traditionally cast electric stoves feature a whisper quiet fan heater and a very effective flame effect. Thermostatic control and an adjustable heat output are also standard features across the range. Gas and solid fuel versions of many of these stoves are also available.

Electric Stoves Are Available From

Broseley Electric Stoves | Focus Stoves


Broseley Fires have been able to manufacture stoves which meet the highest standards whilst using traditional craftsmanship and castings to construct complete heating appliances which are then tested and approved to the highest European standards.

Gazco Gas Stoves - Focus Stoves


The Gazco range of electric stoves incorporates the unique VeriFlame™ technology, these electric fires can be operated using a remote control, so you can enjoy the warmth and ambiance from the comfort of your favourite chair.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are listed the most commonly asked questions about Wood Burning and Multi-Fuel stoves. If you can’t find the answer below then please get in contact.

How Hot and Efficient are Electric Stoves?

The rated heat output for electric stoves is typically no greater than around 2kW. In terms of efficiency, an electric stove falls only slightly short of 100% efficiency. What this means is that virtually all the power supplied to run the device is converted into heat. This makes these stoves an excellent choice for providing clean, budget-friendly heat for any homeowner.

Do Electric Stoves Have to Produce Heat?

In short – no. All electric stoves come with a ‘flame-effect only’ mode which produces light without any discernible heat. In other words, if you’re just simply looking to add the ambience of a fire without heating the room, an electric stove can do just that. For homes with central heating or summer use, these stoves are a great addition to any property.


When fitting any stove, the team at Focus Stoves always strive to ensure that each stove is fitted correctly and in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. As always with stoves, they can get very hot, so if children or pets are present, a suitable guard must be put in place. Any potentially flammable or explosive items, such as compressed canisters, should be kept well away.

Do I Require a Carbon Monoxide Alarm?

No. Unlike wood-burning and multi-fuel options, electric stoves do not produce CO. This is because they do not burn any combustible fuel sources. Instead, they work by having electricity flow through an appropriate conductor that, in turn, produces the required heat.

Can the Stove be Operated with the Door Open?

Whenever the stove is in operation, the door must ALWAYS be kept shut. Many stoves become front-heavy when the door is open, and the stove could topple forward, causing damage to the unit. While open, the heated element will also be directly exposed, and this is particularly hazardous if children or pets are present.

Cleaning Your Stove

Cleaning an electric stove is considerably more straightforward than a wood-burning or multi-fuel option. There isn’t really any discernible waste or ash to worry about. Typically, the manufacturer will have supplied instructions and guides, which we recommend that you follow. The glass can be wiped with a suitable cloth to remove any dust. Other surfaces can also be wiped down, removing dust in the process. A soft brush is usually all that’s required – never use chemicals or wet the product.