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In today’s busy world many people simply don’t have the time to build and tend a real fire. A gas stove will provide the answer, offering immediate enjoyment of the beauty and warmth of a real log fire at the flick of a switch.

All the stoves offer quality, style and above all else superb value.

Gas Stoves Are Available From

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Gazco’s traditional gas stoves have the same styling as our traditional wood burning stoves, but with the convenience of gas.

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Is quality important to you? Do you attach value to sustainability? Do you feel at home with a company with a friendly face? Then a Bellfires stove is the right stove for you.

chesneys gas stoves focus stoves


A gas stove from Chesneys is an outstanding piece of engineering with every stove undergoing a rigorous build and performance process. Our research engineers have used the very latest technology to create a product that is unique in both its functionality and appearance,

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Below are listed the most commonly asked questions about Wood Burning and Multi-Fuel stoves. If you can’t find the answer below then please get in contact.

    Do I Need a Chimney?

    Gas stoves typically produce emissions or flue gases which need to be vented above the roofline of the property. This occurs via the addition of a flue which is housed inside a chimney. If your property has a chimney built already, a gas stove is certainly a viable option as it can be linked into the existing flue. If your property lacks a chimney, a balanced flue model can be purchased instead.

    Is a Mains Electrical Supply Required?

    The beauty of gas stoves is that they completely remove all dependency on the main electrical grid. In the event of a power failure, most boilers will be rendered non-functional, crippling the central heating system. A gas stove will remain fully operational throughout, providing a much-needed emergency heat source. This makes them an invaluable addition to have for everyday use as well as those times where your main heating system fails.


    Your safety is our top concern here at Focus Stoves. Rest assured that every installation will be completed by a Focus Stoves technician who is fully Gas Safe registered. If children or pets are present, suitable safeguards are required, and we’re happy to advise you on these. Any flammable or pressurised containers should be kept a safe distance away.

    Does My Stove Require Servicing?

    As with a gas boiler, a gas stove must be serviced annually to ensure that it’s safe to use. An annual servicing should be completed by a Gas Safe registered engineer and is intended to check the safety of the stove. It’s also intended to inspect the flue gases, ensuring that no harmful emissions are being given off.

    Is it Okay to Leave the Pilot Light Lit?

    During the colder months, most people leave theirs lit as it reduces the time it takes to fire up the stove. Leaving the pilot light lit is safe and costs very little. In fact, while lit, the pilot light only consumes under a quarter of a kW of gas per hour. During the summer months, you might decide to extinguish the pilot light if the stove is not needed for heating.

    Do I Need a Carbon Monoxide Detector?

    As with wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves, a carbon monoxide detector is always needed whenever combustible fuels are being consumed. Most modern-day gas stoves incorporate an ODS (Oxygen Depletion Sensor) which automatically cuts the gas flow in the event CO levels approach unsafe levels. That being said, having a detector in place offers a much-needed redundancy.