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Are you thinking about investing in a brand-new stove for your property? Have you been searching for a company that provides the highest quality stoves in the industry? If so, you have certainly come to the right place, as we at Focus Stoves offer a range of quality stoves, including a pellet burning stove. To find out more about the stoves we offer, and the brands we work with, call us today on 01420 561010.

High-Quality Pellet Stoves from Focus Stoves

If you have been looking for a company that provides the highest quality wood pellet stoves, you need look no further. Here at Focus Stoves, we are specialists when it comes to supplying the finest stoves on the market, and we work with many well-known and respected brands. Stoves that utilise pellet fuel can heat your entire home if you wish, or simply supply you with hot water, depending on the model you choose.

The beauty of a pellet burning stove is that they will heat your home without giving off smoke like other stove options. This makes them a much more environmentally friendly option, which is important in this day and age. These stoves only burn processed pellets, and generally a hopper load of this fuel type can last between 1 to 2 days. Additionally, the ash only needs to be removed once or twice per season, which means there is less maintenance for you to worry about.

Here at Focus Stoves, we supply various types of pellet stoves. All of our stoves will make a stylish addition to any home, and we will work to find the perfect stove for your requirements. Whether you want a stove that can be controlled manually or electronically via a remote, we can help.

In addition to supplying wood pellet stoves, we can also supply stoves that utilise other fuel types, such as wood or multi fuel. Regardless of the fuel type, your stove will be of the highest quality, built to last and provide years of reliable service.

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Brands We Work With

As mentioned above, we at Focus Stoves have built up relationships with many well known and trusted brands. Whether you opt for a pellet burning stove, or another fuel type entirely, you can choose from numerous reputable brands, such as:

To find out more about any of our stoves, and which would work best for you, please call us today on 01420 561010.

Pellet Burning Stove

Why Come to Focus Stoves for a Pellet Burning Stove?

Welcome to Focus Stoves, a company that was first established in 1965 as precision engineers. In 1979 we started selling wood burning stoves. Over the years, we have only gone from strength to strength, improving and expanding upon our products so as to cater to more clients. Now, we are known as a company that supplies high-quality stoves, including wood pellet stoves, from well-known and reliable brand names.

We believe that purchasing a stove is a unique process for each individual as everyone has different requirements. This is why we only sell our stoves through our showroom and not online. By selling face to face at our showroom, we can get to know your requirements, provide bespoke advice, and have you try and test any pellet burning stove you wish. We feel you can only make the decision having tested the stoves for yourself.

Our unique process for selling pellet stoves, and our expertise as a company, has led to us building up a loyal client base over the years. Not only do clients return to us, but they also highly recommend us to others searching for the perfect stove. You can read some of the many glowing reviews we have received over the years on our testimonials page.

So, are you now ready to reach out to Focus Stoves regarding a pellet burning stove? If so, get in touch via one of the below contact methods.

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