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Have you been looking online for a reliable supplier that specialises in pellet burning stoves for sale? Your search is over now as Focus Stoves is here to help you find the ideal wood burner that matches all of your requirements, and then some. Keep reading below to find out more about our available products or give us a call on 01420 561 010 if you need to specify something – we look forward to hearing from you soon! 

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Welcome to Focus Stoves where we’re proud of our great range of pellet burning stoves for sale, that bring many benefits to homeowners. These types of stoves are usually small in size and the pellet bags are very easy to store. 

Pellet stoves are also easy to operate as all you need to do is load the pellets and ignite the flame. Best of all – because the fire is contained inside the unit – there is minimal smoke, which lessens the smell in your home. 

Furthermore, pellets create a lot less ash than firewood, making maintenance and cleaning very easy, too. Because the pellets are made from recycled materials and heavily compressed, the moisture content is reduced. 

This means that one of our wooden pellet stoves is going to create more heat, burning hotter and cleaner than their wooden counterparts. Best of all, these pellets are very inexpensive and you can buy them one bag at a time whereas with firewood, you’d have to pay a larger sum of money for the order in advance. So why not contact us right away for our Pellet Stoves?

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Why Come to Focus Stoves for Pellet Burning Stoves for Sale? 

Here at Focus Stoves, we have a long, rich history that dates all the way back to 1965 when Bob Newsom first set up in business as a precision engineer. Peter Kelly joined Bob in 1969 and the duo first began selling stoves in 1979, gradually becoming the leading suppliers in the UK. 

Focus Stoves supplies customers throughout the country who are interested in the highest quality pellet burning stoves for sale. The benefits they bring are varied as you saw above, and we’re confident that you are going to love your new stove after it’s been installed by our experts. 

In case you’re not completely convinced that one of our wooden pellet stoves would be the most appropriate option for your property, then you’re more than welcome to reach out to us for an informal chat. We will listen to your requirements closely and give you our free impartial advice! 

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Come See Our Pellet Burning Stoves for Sale 

One way that Focus Stoves is different from other suppliers is that we don’t sell our pellet stoves on the internet. We believe that all stoves, regardless of type, should always be carefully chosen as there’s much more to it than simply aesthetics. 

People should be able to see the stoves up close, work the controls, and then make an informed decision on which product would be the best one, so we encourage everyone to pay a visit to our showroom before they commit to a purchase. This way, they can get a real feel for the products that images online or in a catalogue simply wouldn’t be able to properly convey. 

Our showroom in Four Marks has over 60 stoves on display, 10 of which can be lit to help you choose the ideal one. On top of our top-quality pellet burning stoves for sale, we also have a wide range of: 

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