Loxton 3 Ecodesign - wood Burning Stoves
Loxton 3 Convector Plus Ecodesign

Mendip Loxton 3

The contemporary Loxton family is a 5mm steel stove fitted with a bespoke Mendip cast iron grate. Perfect for modern interiors, it offers a fully insulated vermiculite chamber with large ash pan. Each of the multi-fuel and wood burning Loxton designs has a tough cast iron door and large airwashed glass window. The single air control makes any adjustment quick and easy while the latest three-flow clean burn air system allows for a more complete combustion. Its these latest combustion techniques that will ensure your stove burns wood and registered smokeless fuels efficiently and cleanly, every time.
Fuel Type: Multi-Fuel
Heat Output: 4Kw

Additional Features

Convection Panels
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