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Who doesn’t love the timeless look and smooth operation of traditional stoves? Four Marks residents who have been looking for the perfect supplier and installer have come to the right place because the team at Focus Stoves has a great range of products available. You can book a visit to our showroom or speak to a specialist now by calling us on 01420 561 010! 

Sustainable Traditional Stoves Four Marks Properties Will Be Elevated By

Focus Stoves specialises in the supply and professional installation of high-quality traditional stoves. Four Marks residents who appreciate the rustic aesthetic of these systems can rely on our experts to help them find the ideal product – we’re sure to have something available for everyone!

One of our sought-after Four Marks traditional stoves is an excellent option, regardless of the type of property you’re upgrading or renovating. These classic wood-burners are going to keep you warm while also enhancing the visual aesthetic of any room that they are placed in, bringing warmth and timeless charm. Keep reading below to find out more about the fantastic manufacturers that we represent.


Clearview has been providing some of the best traditional stoves in Four Marks for more than three decades now and Focus Stoves is proud to supply these high-quality units. Clearview’s hard-working team members are driven by a genuine passion for crafting exceptional products that are going to stand the test of time. 

One way that Clearview stands out from other manufacturers in the industry is that they grow and process their own trees to utilise in the testing process. This ensures that you are going to get one of the best traditional stoves Four Marks has ever had available! 


Chesneys is a British brand that has made it their mission to create stoves that exceed the industry standards, specialising in traditional stoves Four Marks can now purchase from Focus Stoves at a very fair rate. 


Mendip has over 20 years of experience in developing traditional stovesFour Marks customers can rest assured knowing that they

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    Reasons to Let Focus Stoves Help You Find the Right Traditional Stoves in Four Marks 

    Here at Focus Stoves, we have gone from strength to strength since our establishment back in 1965 when our founder Bob Newson first set up in business as a precision engineer. For the best traditional stovesFour Marks needs to look no further! 

    When going through our easily navigable website, you may have noticed that we don’t sell our Four Marks traditional stoves online. This is because we strongly believe that all stoves have to be carefully chosen in order to ensure that they don’t get too hotor not hot enough. 

    The purchase and fitting was a painless experience and the fitting engineers were both helpful and efficient, leaving no residual debris. It is a pleasure to express total satisfaction, dealing with an efficient company and purchasing a British product. –M. Austin, Customer Testimonial 

    Wood Burning Stoves Surrey

    Additionally – because traditional stoves in Four Marks vary in quality and feel – we think that people need to see them firstNot only that, we encourage touching the stoves, working the controls, opening the doors and making sure that you know exactly what you are getting! 

    Our showroom in Four Marks has over 60 units on display, 10 of which can be lit on request. This process ensures that you get exactly what you’ve been looking for. On top of the great traditional options listed above, we also offer: 

    • Boiler Stoves 
    • Contemporary Stoves 
    • Electric Stoves 
    • Gas Stoves 

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    Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team of experts by calling 01420 561 010 if you have any questions as we are always here to help!