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Do you wish to improve the aesthetics of your property while heating it? Have you been thinking about having a stove installed in your home? If so, you have certainly come to the right place, as we at Focus Stoves supply a wide range of traditional stoves, Liss clients. We only work with brands that are known for their quality, so you can be certain you are receiving the best stove on the market. To find out more, please call our team today on 01420 561010. 

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While many homeowners choose to heat their homes with the standard boiler system, we at Focus Stoves believe there is something truly magnificent about stoves. When you invest in a stove for your property, you won’t just be heating your home; you will be enhancing the aesthetics too. This is because our traditional stoves, Liss residents, exude classic charm, something a boiler simply cannot do. 

Here at Focus Stoves, we supply a wide range of wood-burning and multi-fuel traditional stoves, Liss clients. These stoves are full of character and charm, and they are the perfect addition to any family home. Whilst they are keeping you and your family warm, they will be enhancing the aesthetics of the room they are installed in. 

We work with many brands to supply you with traditional stoves in Liss, ensuring each product meets our high standards when it comes to quality. Every brand name is well known in the industry for the quality of their products and their manufacturing process. If you are interested in a traditional stove, some of the brands you can choose from include Clearview, Chesneys, and Mendip. 

However, we also provide a range of other stove types alongside our Liss traditional stoves. If you find a traditional wood-burning option isn’t for you, we can offer contemporary styling as well as electric, gas, and boiler stoves. Whatever option you require, we will have the perfect stove for you here at Focus Stoves. 

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Other Services 

In addition to supplying the above stoves, including traditional stoves, Liss residents, we at Focus Stoves also provide a range of services to complement our products. These services include: 

  • Stove Installation 
  • Flue and Chimneys 
  • Site Surveys 
  • Fuel Types 
  • Eco-Friendly Stoves 

When it comes to stoves, our team have you covered, whatever your requirements may be. To find out more about how we can help, please call us today on 01420 561010. 

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Why Choose Us to Supply Your Traditional Stoves, Liss Clients? 

Welcome to Focus Stoves, a company that was first established in 1965 by Bob Newson as precision engineers. In 1969, Peter Kelly joined our operation, and in 1979 we started selling the highest quality wood-burning stoves on the market. Since then, we have only gone from strength to strength, improving and expanding upon the products and services we offer. Now, we are not only well known for supplying quality traditional stoves in Liss and beyond, but also for providing a range of complementary services too. 

We operate a little differently here at Focus Stoves because we believe purchasing a stove is a process that needs to happen in person. We believe you can’t find the perfect stove for your property online as you need to fully test them, working the controls and getting a feel for the product. This is why we only sell our traditional stoves, Liss residents, through our showroom in Four Marks, where you can test products and get honest advice from our team. 

Our dedication to providing quality products and ensuring you get the perfect stove has led to us building up a loyal client base over the years. Many customers come to us after being referred by a previous client, which makes us very happy. If you would like to read some of the glowing reviews, we have received from satisfied clients, head to our testimonials page. We are confident these reviews will provide all the peace of mind you need to purchase one of our traditional stoves, Liss clients. 

Are you now convinced, residents of Liss, traditional stoves don’t get any better than ours? If so, reach out via one of the below contact methods. 

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